Lab Created Diamonds

Easy on Planet Earth. Easy on your wallet!

Lab created diamonds are the intelligent choice.

Lab created diamonds are unique, and are laser inscribed with their certificate number. They can be set in any type of precious metal jewelry setting.

We provide our clients with the best certified lab-created diamonds. Lab-created diamonds represent a better purchase value. These diamonds also exhibit the same fire, brilliance and scintillation as diamonds mined from the earth. The savings are real – sometimes as much as 50% less.

Lab created diamonds are only different from natural mined diamonds in that they are created in a lab. The chemical and carbon structure of these diamonds is exactly the same as a diamond mined from the earth. You can purchase them in round, princess, cushion, pear, oval and other cut shapes. See it to believe it – take The Diamond Challenge and see if you can tell the difference. Learn more about lab created diamonds.

We buy and sell bullion. We stock and broker gold, silver and platinum bullion coins, such as Eagles, Krugerrands and Maples as well as various forms of bars and wafers. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium metals are priced to the spot market and coins/bars are available as inventory allows. Premiums can range from 6% to 30% depending on market conditions. We are happy to value coin collections and numismatic items of value, such as St. Gauden’s Gold Dollars, Liberty and Indian Gold Dollars, Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Silver Dollars, 90% and 40% Silver Half Dollars.

Self-custody Bitcoin with devices like Ledger’s Nano products.

If you want to convert some or all of your bullion and precious metals to bitcoin, I can explain how to safely on-ramp into bitcoin. We’ve done it ourselves! We explain the simple concepts and steps to exchange fiat currency for bitcoin using exchanges like Coinbase or Binance. We also explain types of wallets and how to safely self-custody bitcoin, using industry leading devices like Ledger and ColdCard.

While gold has long been the traditional store of value. Bitcoin is superior. Learn more.

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Lab created diamonds gemstones are magnificent. Understand process, prices and quality. 


We offer gold and silver coins and bars. We offer competitive premiums and excellent service.


Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology being adopted around the world. Learn why Bitcoin is money.