I accept Bitcoin for payment.

The ColdCard Mk3 is a leading secure bitcoin hardware wallet.

Since inception in 2009, bitcoin continues to pass groundbreaking milestones. Bitcoin was first purchased in exchange for fiat dollars at the rate of $0.0008 per dollar. There was a famous bitcoin pizza purchase. Lately, bitcoin has reached a trillion dollar market capitalization. Bitcoin is a digital currency and it competes in the market as a type of hybrid currency asset. It is a new network with it’s own protocols. It is all open source. Similar to how communication and information grew on the internet with email, bitcoin is quickly becoming the standard digital monetary currency unit. Bitcoin is used all over the globe.

There are now over two thousand cryptocurrencies and tokens.
Bitcoin is the king. Symbol BTC.

Name Price
Bitcoin (BTC)

There is a common refrain upon those who begin to think about bitcoin as money, and that is “DYOR – Do Your Own Research”. This is the only way to really understand how to use it. Similar to how you figured out email or our favorite software. Start with these resources.

We’ve provided a couple of interesting links for you to chase down the rabbit hole. Most books can be bought for discount, and they contain various viewpoints on the history and future of this monetary innovation. You’ll begin to understand why folks have been exchanging all types of currencies in exchange for bitcoin since 2010.

If you have questions about self custody, please contact me. I have experience in hardware wallet set-up and self-custody storage.