Precious metals have been used as money for nearly all of recorded human existence, a time spanning approximately 5,000 years.

We provide services for buying and selling government minted and hallmarked gold, silver and platinum bullion.

Humans have “coined” gold and silver for use in trade for literally thousands of years. Civilizations with the most stable (ie., least inflated or counterfeited) coin enjoyed long periods of financial stability. Fast forward to the last 100 years (since about 1913), and here in the United States the dollar has lost nearly all of it’s “value”. In other time periods, today’s fiat dollar was known as scrip. Terms like “printing money”, “stimulus” and “quantitative easing” are just fancy ways of explaining dilution of the money supply by creating dollars out of thin air. Remember, gold does not currently back the U.S. Dollar.

Bullion has served as a traditional store of wealth against inflating currencies for about 400 years, essentially the entire existence of fiat paper in Western Civilizations. And those who store bullion do so as a form of insurance against inflating fiat (printable) currency, like the U.S. dollar.

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