Coins & Bullion

Have you inherited a coin collection you wish to sell? Craig enjoys working with coins. Whether you have a just a couple silver eagles or a collection filled with silver and gold coins, Craig will take the time to properly value your collection for a competitive market value.

We have decades of experience in buying and selling gold and silver US Eagles, Maples, Krugerrands, Philharmonics, Morgan and Peace Dollars, 90% Silver (Constitutional), 40% US Half Dollars (Kennedy) as well as US Mint products. We also buy and sell government and private bullion from 1/10 pennyweight and 1 gram up ounce and kilo bars.

If you are a stacker, check in with us for current inventory.

If you have a collection, or your’ve inherited a collection, I’m happy to talk and provide options for obtaining a current market value. The coin world can be intimidating and confusing. There are hundreds of varieties from various US Mints. There are graded (slabbed) and ungraded (raw) coin collections. There are silver and gold coins from the US Mints. I have worked with collections from $100 – $150,000+ and I take the time to understand the coins you have.

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