When You Receive A Text

If we haven’t met, hello, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Craig Nusinov, I come from a jewelry family in Baltimore. I’ve worked in several sides of the business since 1999, from creating web sites, to a bullion trading business as well as buying and selling GIA certified and uncertified diamond gemstones, scrap gold and unwanted jewelry.

Keith texted me a few weeks ago that he was interested in handing over the reins of his operation. He asked if would I be interested. Well yes, I absolutely would be interested. I’ve known Keith as a cousin and friend to my father for most of my life. Any time I have asked Keith for something, he never hesitated to lend a hand. He is an expert in his specializations within the business, which includes bench repair, watchmaking, laser welding and gemstone setting and metals finishing. Keith established his own business in 1998. With his wife Andrea (a different Andrea), they have built a fantastic clientele. I am proud to now be working shoulder to shoulder with Keith through March and early April.

A successful family business always has its foundation rooted in integrity, honesty and expert service knowledge. For over 100 years, various branches of the Nusinov family have delivered first class, high quality jewelry, diamond and goldsmith services to families all over Baltimore, Maryland and the Northeast. Now, as a 4th generation to my great-grandfather Charles, I’ll continue the legacy of our jewelry family. I look forward to serving you.

Thanks for being our customer. We work hard to make sure you are satisfied with our services and we always gratefully appreciate your business.

Craig R. Nusinov
GIA Diamonds Graduate
Owner, Craig Nusinov Jewelers